Edgar Morin:
From war to war

The French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin wrote this memorandum at the age of 101. He is not only an extremely well-known personality in his country, but also in Italy and Latin America and is also well-established in the Anglo-American world. Numerous institutes and institutions deal with the theory of complexity that he founded. He is far too little known in the German-speaking world, but his word carries international weight. In this essay, based on his experiences since World War II, he tries to provide a differentiated view of the Russo-Ukrainian war. He looks to the dynamics of previous conflicts to urge a resolute culture of peace. 

»Edgar Morin thinks, writes and speaks as a philosopher, beyond political constraints and ideological pressure, beyond partisan obstinacy and passionate impulses. Edgar Morin's book From War to War is therefore part of an ancient philosophical tradition concerned with the preservation of the human species and open to an as yet unrealized tomorrow.« Mustapha Saha 

»Like Romain Rolland in his day, Edgar Morin rises above all hatred to envision a future free from the curse of war. He calls on us to act clearly and forcefully for a just and lasting peace in Europe. Therefore, one can only recommend reading this book, which is neither pessimistic nor optimistic, but deeply realistic.« Alain Refalo

ISBN 978-3-98514-075-6